Maurice Brocco 400

24-hour challenge

22nd June - 23rd June 2019


And that's it people! Lines are closed. We're very excited to have filled the roster! Only if people cancel, others can join the event.

One week to go still, until the waiting list gets activated. Ladies, if you still want to join the action, apply now! Men are standing in line to take your place. Read that sentence again. To apply, send a mail!

Stop the press! Almost all tickets sold out.
Now, I am not a big fan of positive discrimination. But until the playing field is level and men women and other sexes see true equality in cycling, I decided to reserve the right to save the last few tickets for people that identify themselves as female. Now I know this is sexist and I am truly sorry if you wanted to join and are male, but hope that in this case you will understand that a more diverse field of riders is a benefit to all and to cycling as well.
So, a slight change of rules. To apply to joining the event, just send a mail. Thanks!

The event

My bicycle, clearing me, cleaning
Living in eternity
Riding riding
Always spinning
Winning losing winning losing
Speeding into the horizon

June 26th is the anniversary of the death of Maurice Brocco called Coco, a early to mid 20th century road racer after whom the Leipzig based cycling project is named. In his honour, we will be leaving Leipzig on June 22nd ready to take on a tour just like road racers back in the days used to: cycling many miles without the streets being fenced off.

We will set up four different checkpoints along the route. The tour starts and finishes in Leipzig. Further information concerning the other checkpoints will be be released soon.

Every checkpoint will provide a place to rest and some food to fuel your body and mind. Motorised transport to the next checkpoint or train station will be available if needed along the road.


Roter Stern Leipzig
Teichstr. 12
04277 Leipzig
51.306419, 12.368601

Neutralised until:
51.271587, 12.307704

Checkpoint #1:
Gerberstaße 1
99423 Weimar
50.982702, 11.331035

Checkpoint #2:
Checkpoint Chimpanzee-Pistrada
06567 Kyffhäuserland
51.411803, 11.076958

Checkpoint #3:
Team Grizzly
Am Kurpark 8
37449 Zorge
51.635583, 10.632778

Checkpoint #4:
Kloster Ilsenburg
Schloßstraße 26
38871 Ilsenburg
51.859968, 10.679093

Checkpoint #5:
The Hunt Cycling
Robert-Franz-Ring 21
06108 Halle (Saale)
51.484788, 11.963089

Roter Stern Leipzig
Teichstr. 12
04277 Leipzig
50.982702, 11.331035

All I need

We’re looking forward to seeing you ride!

To make for a smooth, safe and fair journey, please make sure you have the following gear on you:

Safety advice


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