We are looking for crew members to help assist, support and nurture the riders during the 24h of riding. We appreciate every helping hand very much – the event would not be possible without the help of friends, family and volunteers! That’s what also adds to the great atmosphere of the weekend.
We have the following options available:

Checkpoint crew
The riders will be able to recharge their energy at a few checkpoints along the route. That’s where they have the option to eat and rest. For each checkpoint we are looking for a crew from at least two people. Each checkpoint crew will receive a budget for groceries in order to prepare a meal for the riders. Ask us for food ideas! We will give you a little bit of advise on what kind of food you can prepare since the kind of fuel the riders need depends on the time of the day, the distance ridden and the segments ahead.

Support vehicle Crew
There are two cars following the race as a support vehicles during the race. The drivers will help out in case riders (have to) give up the race. The support vehicles are staffed with two people each – a driver and a field help.
If you want to help us out on any of these options please write to: coco(at)mauricebrocco400.net

Sponsor the event?
Please write to: coco(at)mauricebrocco400.net